Handmade Terracotta and Enamel Terracotta

Contemporary tradition

Terracotta is a traditional material and offers an incredibly wide range of options in terms of shapes, colours, composition and laying patterns. Terracotta has a discreet charm and a trusted guide is essential to get most out of this handmade product.

Please browse this library to get beautiful inspiration from:

  • Natural colours and finish
  • Brillant enamel Terracotta

Each production batch is handcrafted, cooked in a traditional kiln and carefully selected to ensure the best made in Italy quality.

Palazzo Morelli directly follows the whole supply process step by step:

  • Raw material selection 
  • Custom-made manufacturing and crafting
  • Installation at the construction site

The entire production cycle takes place in Italy with a team of skilled and experienced professionals.

Handmade in Italy